What Is HangOut?

HangOut happens every Friday night at 7:00pm

At HangOut events, we provide a safe environment where youth can participate in fun activities, learn to make wise decisions, be themselves, and build healthy, lifelong friendships. At HangOut events and camps, students also have the opportunity to hear about the Christian faith in an understandable and nonthreatening manner.

At HangOut we want to foster healthy relationships between youth and the leaders as well as peer to peer relationships. To do this, we strive to give the youth events that are memory makers. Things that they have never done before or things that they will always remember. 

We want their time with us to be full of adventure and excitement.

Come And HangOut With Us!


Summer Camp Out

Oh joy, it's that time of year again! Get ready for the incredibly exciting and totally unforgettable "Summer Camp Out" at Salem Acres Bible Camp. Mark your calendars, folks. This event of a lifetime will be taking place from August 11-16. Hold your breath for more thrilling information coming your way. Let the anticipation begin!

Don't forget to invite a friend!

Take a look at last years Camp Out. 

Delburne Gospel Church and CrossRoads Church Summer Camp 2023

Closed for the Summer.

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What HangOut is Not

1. Wearing matching vests and earning iron-on badges that never stick & you have to ask your mom to sew them on.

2. A weekly game of Bingo where the old ladies beat you no matter how many Bingo cards you have in front of you.

3. Selling cookies door to door when you should be safe at home….sleeping

4. Starting the night off with a CLUB chant…you know, the raw raw raw thing

HangOut is an adventure waiting to happen and a safe place for you to come and be you, with your friends.


Medieval Summer Camp 2022 

Delburne Gospel Church youth spent an amazing week at Salem Acres Bible Camp in July 2022. Thank you to all that help send the youth to camp through community grants, personal donations and fundraisers. We could not have done this without you.